Ojcow National Park – the glamor of natural scenery.

3 Sep

Pieskowa SkalaOjcow National Park is positioned in the close to Krakow region, more or less 15 minutes away by bus, inside the Jurrasic Krakow-Częstochowa . Although it’s one among the tiniest Polish green parks, the charm of its landscape cannot be overestimated. Continue reading


The race murder reminescences in Auschwitz Birkenau memorial.

31 Aug

auschwitz concentration campsThe camp belongs to one of the most central Hitler’s concentration and annihilation camps, lasting between 1940 and 1945, nowadays viewed as a symbol of the Holocaust process. It was established by the Nazi Germans not long ago they have usurped this Polish areas during World War II and gradually got the key point of the largest scale killing of Jews from the whole Europe, as well as of huge amounts of Poles, Romas, Soviet prisoners of war and numerous others. Continue reading

Take a deep breath and come belowground in Salt Mine Wieliczka.

30 Aug

krakow salt mineWieliczka Salt Mine, which belongs to one among the largest attractions inside Poland, offers the fascinating route for tourists from from any place. Probably anyone may get amazed after being informed the whole salt mine length which is approximately 300 km. Continue reading

Jasna Gora Monastery in Częstochowa, the sacral destination.

24 Aug

czestochowaThis holy monks’ shelter is very often concerned as the Polish focus of pilgrimages. Each single year it is visited by the great deal of followers who arrive to beg the Saint Mary for Her graces. What’s particularly important about it is the magical force which it is associated with. Continue reading

Museum of saltworks in Wieliczka – follow the mining past times.

23 Jun

salt mine in wieliczkaCould you conceive the biggest museum of excavation among Europe? An example one can be found near the City of Krakow in Wieliczka Salt Mine. The museum was settled in 1951 and it may be found in the non-active part of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Continue reading

Krakow salt mines impact on trade.

21 Jun

salt mine wieliczkaIt is a significant spot of legacy to many generations of mining engineers and their households. Continue reading

Krakow Balice airport

20 Jun

transfer from airportKrakow Airport im. Jana Pawla II – that’s the official name of the airport in Balice. It is an international airport that is located eleven km to the west from the centre of the city. Currently it is administrated by the company called Miadzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II Krakow – Balice sp. z o.o. Continue reading