Krakow salt mines impact on trade.

21 Jun

salt mine wieliczkaIt is a significant spot of legacy to many generations of mining engineers and their households.
It is absorbing, that Wieliczka Salt Mine has a great contribution to the expansion of Polish economy. Moreover – Wieliczka is reputed as the oldest country’s brand. The mine was the prime firm that put a trademark on their productions. Being more precise, the trademark used to be visible on the cleanest and whitest salt destined to the kings. The predestination of salt was the reason of tagging the barrels with the image of the Royal Eagle. The coats didn’t modify since the Middle Ages – that gives a great instance of cultivating tradition and taking care of the quality and infallibility of the business.

Wieliczka Salt Mine is a symbol of polish economy, tradition and national haughtiness. Even though many people conjoin that object with a chiefly tourist object, it is essential to mention, that Wieliczka is treated even as a patron of art. In the subterranean place visitors have chance to take part in numerousinteresting actions, such as concerts and shows. After all, Wieliczka is the wonderful instance of a spot which shows all the phases of extraction growth over dozens of years – from the Middle Ages up to present days.

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