Museum of saltworks in Wieliczka – follow the mining past times.

23 Jun

salt mine in wieliczkaCould you conceive the biggest museum of excavation among Europe? An example one can be found near the City of Krakow in Wieliczka Salt Mine. The museum was settled in 1951 and it may be found in the non-active part of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Following the exhibition you surely would notice the full story of salt production – the evolution of excavating engineering, manufacture as well as of the Wieliczka district. actually two main displays are open for guests. They are set beneath and above the ground.

One of them, which belongs to the largest belowground galleryin the whole Europe, is situated 135m below the ground. The the second one is located inside the magic medieval Saltworks Castle. this great, stylish entourage make the museum even more attractive.
go through this immense museum and follow the rolling, absorbing history of Polish salt production!

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