Take a deep breath and come belowground in Salt Mine Wieliczka.

30 Aug

krakow salt mineWieliczka Salt Mine, which belongs to one among the largest attractions inside Poland, offers the fascinating route for tourists from from any place. Probably anyone may get amazed after being informed the whole salt mine length which is approximately 300 km.

Be prepared to watch incredible chambers, magnetic subsurface waters, primary tools as well as some devices on the in the course of the sightseeing. These are huge chambers, unusual belowground bodies of water, extraordinary objects and mechanical devices and many others. Large, impressive sculptures and also salt bas-reliefs are the other familiar scene in the Wieliczka mine.

By the end of the route you will stay in the grouped chambers where you may purchase various unforgettable souvenirs. Let’s visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine particularly if you suffer from respiratory illnesses or allergic reactions as the air inside has many curing traits. Come in and tour along such unusual attraction belowground!

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