The race murder reminescences in Auschwitz Birkenau memorial.

31 Aug

auschwitz concentration campsThe camp belongs to one of the most central Hitler’s concentration and annihilation camps, lasting between 1940 and 1945, nowadays viewed as a symbol of the Holocaust process. It was established by the Nazi Germans not long ago they have usurped this Polish areas during World War II and gradually got the key point of the largest scale killing of Jews from the whole Europe, as well as of huge amounts of Poles, Romas, Soviet prisoners of war and numerous others.

Nazis started to label Polish Oświęcim – Auschwitz and after that the neighbouring small town Brzezinka as Birkenau. Probably more than 3 million casualties are thought to have been killed in the camp, mostly by having been gassed.

Many other have ceased due to starvation, effortful toil, infectious illneses andvas well as dangerous surgical experiments. Let’s visit Auschwitz and think upon those who lost their lives there in an unthinkable excruciation.

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